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Exhibition signs cover a wide range of sign types, such as vinyl banners and posters for booth walls, pull-up banners, electronic digital screens, brochure racks, and full demountable pop-up exhibition displays. Strawberry Print is experienced in exhibition signs. Our national coverage means that your local Strawberry Print can advise you and supply your exhibition signage needs, and we are likely to have a store near the site of your exhibition to provide backup if required.

Strawberry Print can help you avoid an epic event fail by ensuring that you've got everything covered for your upcoming exhibition.

Banners & Flags

Full colour flags are a great way to attract attention to your business or product. They can be used as short term or portable signs, and they are ideal for non-business activities such as fetes and social events.

We can also supply Flags in relocatable fixtures that look great and attract attention as they move with the wind. Full colour banners and flags are also easy to change, so you can display and reuse different messages for different seasons or purposes.

Strawberry Printcan supply custom flags in many styles such as, Feather Flags, Promotional flags, Teardrop Flags, Bunting, Windsocks and Shop Flags. Contact your local Strawberry Printsign centre for advice on the appropriate flag options for you.

Events Signage
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