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Digital Print is the new generation in signwriting.

Our company uses the latest in digital printing technology with a wide format Mutoh digital printer, cutting edge software & materials and a heap of experience. You can rely on Strawberry Print to deliver your Digital Printing needs at the best standards and in as little time as possible.

With the latest technology in both hardware and software combined with years of experience there's no digital printing job we can't do!

Digital Printing covers a wide range of signage needs. If its promotional or long term permanent signs your after Digital Printing may be your answer. From low cost effective promotional materials with a short life span to cast vinyl wraps with a 5 year life span are sure to have your signage needs covered.

At Strawberry Print we use a solvent ink Mutoh printer that gives you the best digital quality possible. Our printer is able to print on a large range of materials such as calendared to cast vinyls, PVC banner, Canvas, One Way Vision, Magnetics, Window Frost and much more.

All our prints are laminated for protection against the weather, vandalism and any other form of damage that may affect your Digital Printed signs to give you more bang for your buck.

Litho Printing

Print Colours: With litho printing you can print fluorescent and metallic colours you also have the added bonus of using pantone colours (spot colours) to ensure you get the exact colour match that you require in your printing. Tints and blocks of colour also benefit from a better finish with litho printing.

Materials: With most digital machines the heaviest stock you can run is approximately 300gsm, yet with litho you have the option to print on heavier materials. Litho also has an advantage with fine stock over digital.

Press Speed: With most modern day litho presses production speeds in excess of 15,000 sheets per hour can be achieved, equating to 250 sheets per minute whereas the fastest digital machines achieve approximately 100 sheets per minute.

Digital Printing
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